A Human Future is a software development studio.

We build products, platforms and prototypes that help ambitious organisations pull the future towards them, faster.

Futuristic, dramatic image of man in an artistic style, designed to give the impression of humanity's interaction with technology.


Who we are

A Human Future is a boutique team of software developers, user experience specialists and product development experts. HQ is in London, England, but that’s not usually important, because we're extremely online and work remotely all over the world.

The studio exists with a singular focus: to meet digital problems with human-first solutions, that help change the way that people interface with technology for the better.

Futuristic image of an old television with an eye peering out of it - designed to convey a  relationship between sentient technology and humanity. we don't fear, we don't fear these machines

What we do

Move fast & make things.

The best of the Internet is built by diverse teams of inventors, oddballs and misfits - ambitious, curious and motivated enough to make sense of any mess.

We’re a small team by design, and the ethos is pure, sharp and principled: Trust-led client circle, tricky, collaborative problems, and clear, unambiguous results.

Beyond that, we’re strongly committed to running an ethical, no-bullshit practice, and seek out partners that let us underwrite our work with that philosophy. Technology itself isn’t the most important part of what comes next. The way that we wield it is.

The future's human.

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  • Hot, freshly-baked web apps here
  • Books opening, get in touch
  • Kneading the apps like digital dough
  • Books opening, get in touch
  • Putting the apps in the stone oven
  • Books opening, get in touch
  • Baking the apps like pizza, in Rome, in summer
  • Books opening, get in touch
  • Deploying the tasty 'za with love

How we do it

Care is the motive. Impact is the mantra.

Care is the motive,
& impact the mission.

We build products, websites, platforms and apps in sectors like management consultancy, NLP and data science. It’s tricky work that takes care and consideration - in plan, execution and delivery.

What our clients do is complex, but what they have in common is simple. They want to build lean, tough products to inspirational quality.

A world-class toolkit

We’re a mostly Python & Django house, but work with all sorts of other tools too - whatever’s the most appropriate for a given problem space.

And we’re real champions of open-source - so our products have low running costs, are simple to extend, and can be supported by an expert community into the long-term.